High-Quality Raw Material
We are dedicated to using household food materials, such as soybean, flour and kelp, as our main ingredients and adhere to our product development philosophy of “maximizing the intrinsic value of nature with an industrialized approach”.
Strict Control of Raw Material
Suppliers will get qualification for cooperation only after evaluation and approval in order to improve the quality of raw material and ensure security of the source supply.
Improving Hardware Facilities to Achieve Automatic Production
Automatic production will be achieved through constant upgrade of facilities. There are five categories of facilities and machines in production factory, including powder mixing facility, curing facility, seasoning facility, disinfection facility and packaging facility which includes automatic production facilities like automatic loading and packaging facility to replace manual operation.
Tests Through Experiments to Ensure Quality and Safety
So far, Weilong Food possesses many labs and testing facilities, covering all tests concerning physical and chemical indexes.
Establishing Improved System for Monitoring Food Safety
Firstly introducing management systems like FSSC22000、HACCP、ISO22000:2018, etc., Weilong Food considers national laws and regulations concerning food safety as the strong basis and further specifies the standards based on its real conditions, which have been implemented and followed up in product safety and quality control. It has established an internal control system for food, which covers all links and processes including supply, production, transportation and sales, to achieve systematic management of food safety.