Putting People First 01
Weilong Food puts people first, respects staff and cares about their growth and personal development. It helped everyone of staff feel the warmth to enrich their life through regularly holding and organizing various activities like travelling activities, evening performance, sports meet and team building activities, etc..
Common Development 02
The company is committed to improving the knowledge and skills of staff, to stimulating their innovation and tagging into their potential in order to promote comprehensive quality and competence of the whole team. It has established the scientific and standard training and management systems and never hesitates to invest more money for staff training.
Innovation and Incentives 03
Everyone of staff is an innovator. In order to encourage staff to have further innovation, the company set up the mechanism of “proposal improvements” to fully stimulate the innovative ability of all staff. To achieve that, material and mental awards are also given to them every month.
Team 04
The company pays more attention to team building of talents. It improves promotion mechanism and sets up career planning for staff based on their personal development. Caring about staff growth, the company always considers talents cultivation as top priority of its development.
Training Opportunities 05
The company provides various opportunities for internal and overseas training to excellent staff and managers in order to constantly improve their working skills and management level, to enjoy common progress and to accelerate their common development.
Job Promotion Channel Bilateral development