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WEILONG Delicious Global Holdings Ltd (the “Company”, “WEILONG” or “We” ) is a modernized enterprise mainly engaged in the production and sales of spicy snack food. The main product categories coverseasoned flour products, vegetable products and bean-based and other product categories. The Company was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 15 December 2022.

WEILONG is a leader and pioneer in the spicy snack food industry in China. We are committed to adhering to the value of “being a consumer-centric and innovation-driven organization”, and making authentic Chinese gourmet more entertaining, casual, convenient and affordable, and to introducing more spicy snack food products that offer consumers a cheerful consumption experience. WEILONG has an omni-channel sales and distribution network that effectively reaches young consumers. Broad and loyal follower base has been cultivated by frequent consumption, creating an influential brand among young consumers. WEILONG focuses on quality through establishing an industry-leading production system and strict quality assurance system.

WEILONG has five plants in Henan, namely Luohe Pingping Plant, Luohe Weilai Plant, Zhumadian Weilai Plant, Luohe Weidao Plant and Luohe Xinglin Plant, of which Luohe Xinglin Plant is under construction and part of the production lines of the plant have already been put into operation.

As of 31 December 2022, WEILONG has cooperated with 1,847 offline distributors and  the distributors’ sales network covered the whole country, with significant potential for future expansion. In the meantime, WEILONG has strengthened its presence on major e-commerce platforms and overseas distribution network. Riding on the  e-commerce and social media channels, WEILONG is to build a trendy and engaging brand image through interactive marketing activities and turn young consumers into WEILONG’s natural brand promoters.

Leveraging WEILONG’s product competitiveness, strong brand recognition, channel distribution capability and supply chain capability, we believe that we will continue to increase our market share and capitalize on future growth opportunities in the spicy snack food industry.